Playing Pandemic, the Board Game

Because we had been talking the influenza outbreak it seemed right. Pandemic is a board game in. There’s absolutely no winner–you win or you lose (i.e., everybody dies).

Every individual takes on a function — for example medic or scientist — and about every flip travels the world, building research facilities, treating individuals and discovering cures for the four diseases. Through careful preparation, players collaborate to choose where they ought to proceed and what before the ailments spread out of control measures to take to find the remedies. By the conclusion of a twist towns have been infected, and the disease spreads to cities, when they reach a particular amount of disease. Sometimes an outbreak (card) will happen and make the situation worse.

1 oddity of this game is that it ends if the four treatments are located, not when all the cities have been wiped clean. It appeared mean to leave folks ill. We discovered that the game was simple. There never appeared to be a time when we had been in risk of a outbreak –finding cures and we appeared to be restraining the outbreaks.

A few of the temptations may derive in the game’s nature. It might have been harder if one player was chosen to work against others. Or there might have been roadblocks, for example authorities mutating treatments/vaccines or viruses that dropped. But Pandemic appears to have a foundation in disease therapy, and it was interesting.

The game is not both more complicated and easier than Actual life. Easier, because we’re not likely to experience four diseases spreading in precisely the exact same moment. And we may see the sophistication in every day’s information about swine flu (that the H1N1 virus).

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