Monopoly unveils new game pieces

Times are changing on the Monopoly board.

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Hasbro announced the playing bits of the board game are becoming a revamp, with all the boot, the wheelbarrow and all the thimble becoming the boot in favor of a few choices.

The new lineup to the match comprises a rubber ducky, a penguin and a T-Rex, linking old favorites that the Scottie puppy, the best hat, even a race car and a battleship in addition to the newly added kitty, that has been swapped into the iron following a similar enthusiast vote at 2013.

The latest online survey — held in January — attracted over 4.3 million votes from 146 nations. Fans chosen from over 64 tokens, including several of emojis, a tv and a bunny slipper.

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The new lineup was unveiled ahead of World Monopoly Day, which will be officially acknowledged on March 19.

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